William Susman belongs to the generation of American composers that came of age in the late twentieth century, received traditional academic training while remaining thoroughly engaged with popular music (in his case, jazz). Susman has written orchestral and chamber music for concert performance, as well as jazz and film scores. more...


"...the next developments in the sphere (of) minimalism..."
– All Music
"...heavily minimalist-tinged music offers constant delight...impeccably crafted..."
– Fanfare
"...a beautifully eccentric segmented ballet simultaneously restrained and exuberant, more than once ecstatic."
– Folk & Acoustic Music
".. vivid, turbulent, rich-textured..."
– New York Times
"A flawless gem...rare beauty and consummate aesthetic discretion."
– Folk & Acoustic Music
"...wonder, beauty and melancholy... richly varied in orchestration and mood..."
– All Music



Album of the Month at textura
Scatter My Ashes was chosen as Album of the Month at textura along with an interview that describes the album as "a genre-transcending fusion of contemporary Western classical, jazz, pop, and non-Western folk musics."
Pre-order the New Album SCATTER MY ASHES
New Single from Karen Bentley Pollick
Violinist Karen Bentley Pollick gives a stunning performance on the Belarca special single ARIA for violin & piano. Listen and download it here. Impeccably recorded with hi-res DSD technology at OTR Studios in Belmont, California.

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Thoughts on Contemporary Music

Melancholy, Unconscious, and Postmodern Solitude in Poetry

A recent review of the album Scatter My Ashes in The Voice gives new insight into the poems of my sister Sue Susman. Wanda Waterman discusses how they were set to music as well as doing some in-depth research into the compositional approach. Here are some excerpts from the review entitled Where Multiple Streams of […]


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